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King’s Cross to Hampstead Heath: Unlocking London’s Beauty January 30, 2017

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London Wlogger

Hello again! This week I’m going along probably one of my favourite walks, as I start at King’s Cross Station, join the Regent’s Canal to go via Camden Lock, before finishing on top of Hampstead Heath. It’s a long walk that will truly reveal London’s beauty!

map3 King’s Cross to Hampstead Heath

My journey today starts at King’s Cross Railway Station, a southern terminus connecting the East Coast Main Line with high-speed links to Yorkshire, the North East, Scotland… and of course Hogwarts! The current station was built in 1851 under the direction of George Turnull and designed by architect Lewis Cubitt. The station’s roof was the largest at the time and based on the riding school of the Czars of Moscow.

img_0144 Amazing architecture at King’s Cross

The King’s Cross we see today went under a huge transformation which began in 2007 and was completed in 2013. This included new entrances, more space, better facilities, and…

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Margaret of Anjou, Queen of England

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The Freelance History Writer


“….imbued with high courage above the nature of her sex….a woman of sufficient forecast, very desirous of renown, full of policy, counsel, comely behavior, and all manly qualities”. Polydore Virgil

The marriage between Margaret of Anjou and King Henry VI of England came with high expectations. It was meant to bring peace between England and France who had been at war for over a hundred years and she was expected to give birth to an heir to continue the Lancaster dynasty of English kings. The marriage in fact brought no peace with France, didn’t help avoid losses of French territory and actually led to intermittent civil war in England.

Margaret was born on March 23 or 24, 1430 either at Port-a-Mousson in France or Nancy in Lorraine. She was the daughter of Rene, Duke of Anjou and Isabelle, daughter and heir of Charles II, Duke of Lorraine. Rene was directly…

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Colonial-era houses of Merrimac, Massachusetts

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Black Cats

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img_2287  a recent book purchase – All Black Cats Are Not Alike

This  little book of sketches and little vignettes of their differing personalities is good fun for any and all cat owners, whatever the personality and color  of the cat.