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Spring Is On Its Way February 4, 2017

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img_2293  Snow drops


Old Roads and Bridges of Newbury and Newburyport

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Historic Ipswich

Text by James B. Stone, from Images from the Past , published by the Newbury 350th anniversary Committee.

Featured image: Bridge over the Merrimack River in Newburyport.

When the first settlers arrived in Newbury in May of 1635, there were only Indian trails which wound through the forests. Besides food and shelter, an immediate problem was movement in the new settlement, and they faced a virtual wilderness with an abundance of rivers, streams, creeks, and marshes.

newbury_lower_green The Lower Green

Early roadways were rutted pathways that could be traveled only by foot. Improvements rendered travel by horseback possible, and in time these “roads” came to be designated cart paths for rough two-wheeled carts, or tumbrils, often drawn along by oxen at a bumpy snail’s pace.

thurlows_bridge Thurlow’s Bridge

Since there were no bridges in the town until Thurlow’s Bridge in 1654. most ancient roads were laid out to avoid waterways and other…

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Messages For Current Times

img_2310  Reading this book made me think of parallels in the McCarthy era in the 1950’s and now sadly the new administration headed by Donald Trump.  Highly recommended reading.

(One of my ancestors, Rebecca Nurse, was falsely accused and hanged in Salem in 1692)

On the news today I heard that a former Head of State in Norway was formally held and questioned yesterday when he tried to enter the U.S.  He was traveling on his diplomatic passport and the immigration officials felt he was a threat because he had visited Iran at some point in the past.