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Messages For Current Times February 4, 2017

img_2310  Reading this book made me think of parallels in the McCarthy era in the 1950’s and now sadly the new administration headed by Donald Trump.  Highly recommended reading.

(One of my ancestors, Rebecca Nurse, was falsely accused and hanged in Salem in 1692)

On the news today I heard that a former Head of State in Norway was formally held and questioned yesterday when he tried to enter the U.S.  He was traveling on his diplomatic passport and the immigration officials felt he was a threat because he had visited Iran at some point in the past.


3 Responses to “Messages For Current Times”

  1. mlegan Says:

    I couldn’t get into this book – somehow I found the writing very disjointed. I did listen to the author on RadioWest and it was fascinating. Current times indeed.

  2. Janet Says:

    I agree about the writing being disjointed but I just kept going, possibly because I feel so closely related with my genealogy research. I felt that many of the people involved in these events were my actual ancestors. The genealogy research has lead to some fascinating reading choices.

  3. Amy Says:

    It is a message for our times—as is The Crucible.

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