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A Fun Day At The Races March 5, 2017

Filed under: Bicycling — Janet @ 5:11 pm

james-on-the-bike Cycle race near Auburn Washington.  This is my son James in full racing gear (pun not intended)

We had a break in the pattern of cold and rainy days – and about 150 cyclists turned out for a morning of time trials in the Green River Valley.  Individual cyclists were started at 30 second intervals to cycle as hard as they could for 5 miles along the winding level road, round the traffic cone, then 5 miles back the same way.  Times varied between 22 and 27 minutes.  James was hoping for a time about 25 minutes – and he succeeded, with a sprint finish.

The cyclists were from 4 or 5 different teams and categories.  About 20 of the cyclists were from the Apex Team, the team James belongs to.   James is a Cat(egory) 3 racer and there were 9 racers in his group.  He finished 7th in his group.  There were about 150 racers in total


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