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Postcard Writing in Grumpy D’s March 6, 2017

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IMG_2572  Want to send a postcard to the current President?  Here was an organized effort to add your bit.  It took place recently at a local coffee shop.  I rather enjoyed trying to be creative and positive with the 3 cards I ended up writing.  I’m not sure the other cards being written were as respectful or positive as mine.  You don’t get anywhere by just “Trump bashing.”  Well, who knows, maybe they’ll all get thrown in the waste basket if they ever reach their destination.


Retro Cycling Italian Style

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IMG_2573  Here is a picture of a book I just finished – Geronimo!  Riding the Very Terrible 1914 Tour of Italy by Tim Moore.  Well it’s meant to be humorous but the author’s choice of language was a bit off putting. Nevertheless, he was quite inventive in finding ways to write about very similar experiences in his cycling adventure.  I might have enjoyed the book more if I knew more about the geography of Italy.


Philip and the National Reptile Zoo

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Making memories

With St Patrick’s Day nearing, I though I would share a reptile-related post, just to be fair to the expelled snakes and to let you know that some of them have repatriated back to Ireland.

This is my beautiful green buddy Philip. He hatched out in the end of 2007, and this picture was taken in 2010. He is a Water Dragon.

Shortly after he was adopted, his parents went for holidays and left him with me. He was as big as a pencil. Every morning he would stand on his hind legs in his terrarium and look at me. He knew the ritual. I would pick him up, hold him to my face, and go to bed again for another ten minutes, talking to him and kissing his little head. Then he would go back to his terrarium until evening.

He was a different shade of green at that time.

I didn’t…

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Portraits from Ipswich, a century ago

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Historic Ipswich

In the winter of 2016, Robert Cronin and Bill Barton shared with me their collections of glass plate negatives taken by George Dexter (1862-1927) and Edward Darling (1874 – 1962), two of the earliest Ipswich photographers. The glass plates had been stored away for almost a century. I was able to develop the negatives into high resolution black and white photos. Jeanne Langmaid Engel’s collection of Darling negatives were donated to the Ipswich Museum, processed by David Stone. Portraits from that collection are included in this slideshow.

Photographs by George Dexter

Photographs by Edward Darling

Edward Darling photos from the Ipswich Museum collection

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