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Seactain na Gaeilge March 17, 2017

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Janet's thread

Seactain na Gaeilge – a week (or 2) for celebrating all things Irish.  That’s this week in particular with celebrations surrounding Lá feile Padraig=St. Patrick’s Day.  My fluent Irish speaking friend came to the Market on Saturday and we of course exchanged greetings in Irish.  Then she proceeded to ask for a particular vegetable but she had to lapse into Bearla (English) to ask for purple sprouting broccoli.  As it turned out we didn’t have any although it’s not too early in the year to find it.    Looking in the online Irish dictionary, I find that broccoli=brocolí, purple=corcra, and sprouting – that’s more difficult – I must ask my Irish teacher.  Sprout as a verb=péac, another construction given is gob aníos, Brussels sprout=bachlóg Bhruiséile, bean sprouts=pónairi soighe.  As for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, I think we’re going to the Dog Show!

Speaking of things in the garden, the…

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