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Vintage Cars April 5, 2017

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IMG_2831 my neighbor’s 1963 Ford convertible – lovingly rejuvenated.  It runs beautifully.

We got to talking about cars we had owned in the past and believe it or not it dawned on me that I was as antique as the cars I or members of my family had owned.  A 1948 black Ford convertible nicknamed Konk Out Katy.  A Green Ford Convertible.  A black Mercury from the 1930’s.    A 1953 Pontiac.  VW Beetles in the 1960’s  Etc.  That was all 50-60-70-80 years ago.



A New Angle

   My grandmother’s self-published book of her poems

What does my paternal grandmother’s family tree look like.  My paternal grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Murdoch, was born in 1863.  The Civil War was raging.  She lived to experience 4 more wars in her lifetime, the Spanish American War, World Wars I and II, and the Korean War.  She married a Civil War veteran and bore 5 children.  She became a widow while the children were still young and at home.  She was an educated woman, she loved reading.  She wrote poetry.  I propose to explore her life in as much as I can from the genealogical records and what few scraps I have of her personal letters and family memories.

Dad's childhood home Buena Vista Hill Newark Ohio  My grandmother’s home in Newark Ohio where she raised her children

  My grandmother and my father, 1943

IMG  My grandmother and me, 1948, in Raleigh North Carolina

IMG_0014  My grandmother as a young woman