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Getting To Know My Paternal Grandmother April 8, 2017

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     Mary Elizabeth Murdock=Mary Murdock Miller    1863-1954

This photo shows her in her Red Cross Nurse Uniform.  Late Flowers is a book of poems which she wrote in her later tears when she was a member of a Poetry Circle in Florida.  The book is self-published.

This is not the photo I was looking for and saw earlier today.  (Very annoying that.)  The image I am searching for was taken in 1948 when my sister Ruth and I visited her in Raleigh North Carolina.  I’ll find it in due course.

Meanwhile,     My father with his mother in 1943


And here’s the missing photo

IMG  My grandmother and me, 1948


Cleaning Out The Garage

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IMG_2862            IMG_2865


IMG_2866                  IMG_2864



Organizing a BIG collection of weaving and knitting yarn

Organizing a Big collection of woven and knitted items

Organizing a BIG collection of framed pictures

Organizing a BIG collection of old files

Organizing a BIG collection of old letters

Organizing a BIG collection of miscellany



Catherine de Valois, Queen of England

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Marriage of Catherine of Valois to King Henry V of England

There are some who say that Catherine had a fairy tale marriage to King Henry V of England. While this may be true, unfortunately it didn’t last long. After a short period of widowhood, she then made what was considered an ill-advised marriage to a man of the Welsh gentry. Although controversial, the marriage was recognized as legal and the children born to Catherine were considered legitimate and would lead to the founding of the Tudor dynasty.

Catherine was born on October 27, 1401 at the Hotel St Pol in Paris. She was the daughter of King Charles VI of France and his queen, Isabeau of Bavaria. Due to her father’s mental illness, the poverty of the royal family and political divisions between the Armagnacs and the Burgundians in France, Catherine may have experienced some instability in her…

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A Dish For My Cat Katerina

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IMG_8830   I wish she would get the message

(Dish borrowed from Jesuisleroisoleil)


Les pèlerins du Roi Soleil

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IMG_8830I can’t think of the last time one of my friends was organised enough to make plans with me several months ahead of time. However, not only does a certain little sod have people who are, but they happily come from all over the place to see him.

The Sun King had a lovely day yesterday with one of his beloved and generous pilgrims (see above for the fabulous gift that he received) and he has further pilgrimages arranged for as far ahead as September, from as far away as Mexico.

Prior to receiving his pilgrims, Cat Daddy and I often have a conversation like this:

“So, who’s coming today?”
“[Insert name of pilgrim].”
“Where are they coming from?”
“Somewhere north of, erm … the equator.” [I usually mumble the words “the equator” to try and make it sound like an actual place.]
“What do they do for a living?”

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