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Getting To Know My Paternal Grandmother April 8, 2017

Filed under: Family,Family history,Family photographs,Family Photos — Janet @ 9:56 pm

     Mary Elizabeth Murdock=Mary Murdock Miller    1863-1954

This photo shows her in her Red Cross Nurse Uniform.  Late Flowers is a book of poems which she wrote in her later tears when she was a member of a Poetry Circle in Florida.  The book is self-published.

This is not the photo I was looking for and saw earlier today.  (Very annoying that.)  The image I am searching for was taken in 1948 when my sister Ruth and I visited her in Raleigh North Carolina.  I’ll find it in due course.

Meanwhile,     My father with his mother in 1943


And here’s the missing photo

IMG  My grandmother and me, 1948


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