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Tracing The Siblings Of Charles Dana Miller April 15, 2017

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David L Miller  One by one I am tracing the siblings of my grandfather Charles Dana Miller.  He was one of 13 children born to James Miller and Sarah Warner.  Charles came near the end of the line, being the 12th child of 13.  So he had a lot of older brothers and sisters – many of whom by the time Charles was born had children of their own.  Many of them lived their lives in Knox County Ohio or nearby and are buried in the Miller Cemetery in Knox County.

But here is an exception – David L Miller, the 6th child, born in Massena New York in 1815 when the family was migrating West.  He eventually died in Kansas.


Trying To Solve A Mystery

Perhaps mystery is too strong a word, but I’m trying to figure out why/how my grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Murdock, went from her home in Crown Point New York out to Ohio in 1880 and subsequently married my grandfather, Charles Dana Miller.

Charles had been a widower since his young wife had died in 1869 leaving him with 2 young children.  Charles lived and worked in Mount Vernon, Knox County.  He was a member of a large family, being the 9th child of James Miller and Sarah Warner.  James and Sarah had migrated from Vermont to Mount Vernon Ohio earlier in the 1800’s.  Crown Point New York borders Vermont and it is possible that the Crown Point Murdock family would know some of the Miller family who had migrated West.  Family contacts or friends.

What I am postulating is that my grandmother as a 17 year old girl heard word that my 42 year old widowed grandfather wanted a housekeeper or a tutor for his teenage children.  Up to that point possibly the children had been looked after by members of Charles’ extended family or by his deceased wife’s family.

So I am consulting the U.S. Census records for the years 1870 and 1880 to see if I can find any trace of the children Charles Dion Miller and Lucy Jewett Miller.

IMG_2909         here’s my big chart 24″ x 36″, 9 generations starting with me and then read from left to right, my parents and then my grandparents

Dad's childhood home Buena Vista Hill Newark Ohio

Dad’s childhood home Buena   Vista Hill Newark Ohio  

This is the house where my grandparents lived.  I’m told it’s still there.


Catherine of Aragon’s Speech at Blackfriars – June 1529

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In researching history, I find there are some really dramatic occasions. Catherine of Aragon’s speech at the Legatine Court of Blackfriars on June 21, 1529 is one of those moments. King Henry VIII was hell bent on marrying Anne Boleyn and was in search of any means available to extricate himself from his marriage to Catherine of Aragon. Catherine, being the proud daughter of their Most Catholic Majesties Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand, would be her own most staunch advocate.

Henry VIII had asked Pope Clement for an annulment of his marriage to Catherine. But before he could do this, in May of 1527, Rome was sacked by the Imperial troops of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, who just happened to be Catherine’s nephew. The Pope was to spend the rest of his life avoiding conflict with Charles. He was compelled to make decisions that would not offend…

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