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Catherine of Aragon’s Speech at Blackfriars – June 1529 April 15, 2017

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In researching history, I find there are some really dramatic occasions. Catherine of Aragon’s speech at the Legatine Court of Blackfriars on June 21, 1529 is one of those moments. King Henry VIII was hell bent on marrying Anne Boleyn and was in search of any means available to extricate himself from his marriage to Catherine of Aragon. Catherine, being the proud daughter of their Most Catholic Majesties Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand, would be her own most staunch advocate.

Henry VIII had asked Pope Clement for an annulment of his marriage to Catherine. But before he could do this, in May of 1527, Rome was sacked by the Imperial troops of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, who just happened to be Catherine’s nephew. The Pope was to spend the rest of his life avoiding conflict with Charles. He was compelled to make decisions that would not offend…

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