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I Think Katerina Wants To Come In April 20, 2017

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Lady Mary Grey

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The Freelance History Writer

Mary Grey was the youngest of the three Grey sisters, the other two being Jane and Katherine. Jane would reign as Queen of England for about ten days and Katherine would make an ill-fated love match that resulted in her imprisonment and early death. Although Mary was short of stature, she was as well- educated as her sisters, intelligent and resolute. Because of her physical smallness and possible deformity, she was not considered a serious threat to the throne. She may have considered using this to her advantage.

Mary was born c. 1545, most likely at the Grey family home of Bradgate Hall in Leicestershire. Her father was Henry Grey, Marquess of Dorset (later Duke of Suffolk) and her mother was Frances Brandon. Frances was the daughter of King Henry VIII’s younger sister Mary and Henry’s best friend Charles Brandon. This relationship made Mary and her sisters potential heirs to…

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