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PreMemorial Day Visit May 31, 2017

On the weekend before Memorial Day I was visiting home territory in Boston Massachusetts.  While there I visited the cemetery in Winchester where my father and my maternal grandparents and great aunt are buried.  I had been wanting to do this for a long time.  My last and only previous visit to the Winchester cemetery had been 60 years ago in August 1957, the day of my grandfather’s funeral.



On The Subject Of Family Homes, Old and Not So Old May 30, 2017

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   This was our family home in Dublin Ireland, we were the first owners in 1969.  It was ours from 1969 to 2009.  We sold it when we moved Seattle.

23evinea Gilman Bryant  the home of Gilman Bryant in Newark Ohio  He was my Great Great Grandfather and one of the original settlers

Dad's childhood home Buena Vista Hill Newark Ohio  my father’s childhood home in Newark Ohio



L’amitié perdue, l’amitié retrouvée

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A nice cat tale.


Last weekend, as Cat Daddy arrived home, a lady in the street stopped and said, “Excuse me: is this the home of Louis Catorze?”

You just couldn’t make this up, could you, Mesdames et Messieurs?

When Cat Daddy shamefacedly confirmed that she had the correct house, she introduced herself: “I’m Ginger Impinger’s mum.”

Actually, “Ginger Impinger’s NEW mum” would have been more accurate: after concerned reports emerged on a local forum of an increasingly thin and unkempt GI appearing at various houses in the neighbourhood, a rescue organisation trapped, chipped and snipped him and treated him for a few minor surface ailments. Sadly, whilst he was under house arrest at the rescue’s veterinary surgery, not a single poster went up locally regarding his whereabouts, indicating that the poor boy didn’t have any people (or, at least, none who cared enough), but the happy news is that he is now in…

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Another Old Homestead

IMG_3236  This is the house in Winchester where my grandparents and great aunt lived from the mid 1920’s to early 1940.  They moved from Omaha Nebraska back to the Boston area when my mother was 12 years old.  Her sisters were 17 and 11.

I was told by the present owner that the house is 100 years old – first built in 1917.  My mother and father were married in this house in December 1935.

  My Great Aunt Gussie(Auntie) and my Grandfather (Fred) and Grandmother May on the front porch of the Winchester house, 1939


The Old Homestead May 29, 2017

IMG_3259  the house where I grew up in Belmont Massachusetts, photo taken in May 2017

This is how the house looked when I visited this past week during my trip to Boston.  I don’t know the present owners.  My mother sold the house in the late 1960’s when she moved to Hawaii and I was in Kenya.  My sisters and I have visited the neighborhood several times since then and just reminisced about all the good times we shared there.  My father was the first owner of the house, built in 1926-27.  This neighborhood was part of a new housing development built on the Benton Estate.  Belmont was still a rural town  with many farms not far from the center of Boston.

In May 2017 the house was looking pretty much the same as in the 1940’s when I was growing up.  The most striking difference to me was the landscaping around our house and in fact all around the neighborhood.  Everything was looking very crisp – and beautiful.  It had always been a nice looking neighborhood in earlier days but not quite so professionally done.

IMG Here I am standing in front of the house all ready for my first day of school in the early 1940’s

IMG_0004  an even earlier picture of the house


Anne of Burgundy, Duchess of Bedford May 27, 2017

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The Freelance History Writer

Anne of Burgundy, Duchess of Bedford from the Bedford Hours

The Dukes of Burgundy were wealthy and powerful, the premier nobles in France. As a daughter of Burgundy, Anne lived a life of luxury and was destined for a noteworthy marriage. Anne had something that is a rarity in medieval times. A happy royal marriage.

Born September 30, 1404 in Paris. Her father was John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy and her mother was Margaret of Bavaria. Little is known of her childhood but she would have been given an education commensurate with her status as the daughter of a premier noble of France. The continuation of the Hundred Years War and King Henry V of England’s ambitions in France would play a major role in Anne’s future.

Henry V was on a mission to conquer Normandy in the years between 1417 and 1419. In addition to the invasion by…

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Why Germany? May 26, 2017

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Back From My Trip

My trip to Boston was like a whirlwind of memories and new experiences thrown into the mix.  It was wonderful and I’ll probably write about different aspects of it in the next few days.  Watch this space.

51B3JGphhFL._SX383_BO1,204,203,200_  Actually this book has nothing to do with the trip – I only found it now as an image to brighten up this blog entry.     But it was a book we read in 3rd grade back in Payson Park School in the 1940’s in Belmont Massachusetts.  The school burned a few years ago so I can’t show you a picture of it in 2017.  But we did visit the old neighborhood where I grew up.

IMGMe (Janet) in the 1940’s poised and posed for the first day of school.  The family home looks good – in May 2017 it is still there – looking even spiffier.  Pictures to follow.

Meanwhile below is a picture from the late 1930’s – my aunt and my grandmother sitting on the front steps of the house in Winchester.  My cousin Betsy and I are the little girls.  The house is still there in Winchester – in May 2017 the house is 100 years old.  I met the current owner.  My cousin Betsy now lives nearby.  She was one of the hostesses for my whirlwind visit this past week.  Memories abound.

May Belle and Auntie with Betsy and Janet



First Stop on Our Trip to Germany: Mainz

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Mobility & Migration East Anglian Founders Of New England 1629-1640 May 20, 2017

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IMG_3115  This book has a great deal of information re my ancestors.  I’ll go into detail in future posts.