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Fremont and Seattle’s Ship Canal May 5, 2017

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Wedgwood in Seattle History

Fremont was a successful early community because of its advantageous location at one corner of Lake Union.

Seattle’s earliest white settlers saw immediately that it would be possible to connect its freshwater lakes to the saltwater Puget Sound by means of a canal.  At a Fourth of July picnic in 1954, Thomas Mercer proposed the name of Lake Union because that body of water was in the middle between Lake Washington to the east, and Puget Sound to the west.  Thomas Mercer and David Denny took land claims at the south end of Lake Union.  Two single men, John Ross and William Strickler, searched out the land and in 1855 they took claims at the northwest corner of Lake Union, which today is the Fremont neighborhood.

From those early times Seattle settlers thought to build a ship canal but little did they know that it would take more than…

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