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First Stop on Our Trip to Germany: Mainz May 26, 2017

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3 Responses to “First Stop on Our Trip to Germany: Mainz”

  1. alhawthorne1 Says:


    I’ve taken a quick glance at the excellent story (First Stop on Our Trip, etc.) with many fine photographs and will examine it much more closely later this week. I have been toying for a long time about possibly going to Germany to find an ancestral connection to the family of my paternal great grandfather, David Schoelch, who emigrated to the US (Boston) in the 1850s from a small town near the Neckar River, to the east of Heidelberg. Not sure that I have the nerve anymore or the funds — I’d then also have to visit my French “brother” in Besançon, not far from Switzerland.

    I glad you posted First Stop…


  2. Amy Says:

    Thanks so much for reblogging my post, Janet.

  3. Janet Says:

    I discovered on my recent trip East that several of my relations are familiar with Mainz.

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