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Anne of Burgundy, Duchess of Bedford May 27, 2017

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Anne of Burgundy, Duchess of Bedford from the Bedford Hours

The Dukes of Burgundy were wealthy and powerful, the premier nobles in France. As a daughter of Burgundy, Anne lived a life of luxury and was destined for a noteworthy marriage. Anne had something that is a rarity in medieval times. A happy royal marriage.

Born September 30, 1404 in Paris. Her father was John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy and her mother was Margaret of Bavaria. Little is known of her childhood but she would have been given an education commensurate with her status as the daughter of a premier noble of France. The continuation of the Hundred Years War and King Henry V of England’s ambitions in France would play a major role in Anne’s future.

Henry V was on a mission to conquer Normandy in the years between 1417 and 1419. In addition to the invasion by…

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