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Some Photos From Our Week In Connecticut June 30, 2017

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IMG_3589 view from 36 Red, venue for our 17th birthday lunch

IMG_3585  the party people

IMG_3577  Holly – the new puppy who stayed at home

IMG_3573  Holly likes to watch the painters

IMG_3563   Holly in her bed – she is such a sweet little puppy and she gets up to all sorts of mischief

IMG_3553  Lunch at Marlay’s in Essex, 3 generations



Home Again June 29, 2017

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A good trip to the East Coast even though we ran out of time (and energy) to get to Barnes and Noble.  We had the nice trip to Mystic and I popped into a book store there and bought Colin Woodward’s book The Lobster Coast.  Reading for the trip home – interspersed with crossword puzzles.  I must say I think I am getting better at crossword puzzles – at least Will Shortz’s Easy Puzzles.  If I do any more trips maybe I can graduate to the intermediate level.  Nice to have a goal.

One disappointing happening – my perfect suitcase which has served me well for many years and trips was damaged somewhere along the way between checkin at Bradley, a change of plane in Detroit,  and the pickup carousel in Seattle.  One of the zippers for a large compartment on the outside of my case was damaged.  Fortunately I don’t think anything was missing from the open compartment.  But I happened to see someone else’s case which was damaged more drastically and there could well have been things missing.  The open zip on her case exposed total access to the contents.  In fact, that outer compartment on her case was empty I think.  I saw that before my case came through on the carousel and didn’t pay too much attention as I was waiting to spot my bag so I can’t report a sequel or conclusion to my story.

I don’t expect any compensation for the damage to my suitcase but I plan to let Delta know anyway.  As I say, that case was a favorite and it served me well for many years.



A Day In Mystic Connecticut June 27, 2017

We had a 17th birthday celebratory lunch at 36Red on the river in Mystic Connecticut.  Almost within sight of the Draken Harald – the Viking Ship which sailed the Atlantic in 2016 and wintered in Mystic.  A beauty of a day with good weather, delicious food, successful shopping, superb company, etc etc.  Superlatives galore for our oldest grandson’s 17th birthday.  IMG_4834


And I even did some knitting too!  knittingoldlady


Prize Winning Shot June 26, 2017

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A thrilling finish to the PGA  Traveler’s Open Golf Championship yesterday.  There was a tie between 2 players after 4 days (72 holes) of play so the 2 players, Jordan Spieth and Daniel Berger, had to play an additional hole or holes to win the top prize of a million dollars or so.  Down they trooped or rather rode in speedy little golf buggies  to replay the 18th hole.  Both players hit rather wayward tee shots but with assistance from a tree they both were able to hit 2nd shots which brought them up to near the 18th green.  Jordan Spieth’s next shot was from a tight angle in the bunker (sand trap) – he squared up to the ball – “cooly and confidently” hit his next shot — IT LANDED ON THE GREEN AND ROLLED STRAIGHT INTO THE CUP!!  WHAT A SHOT!!!!  An exultant Jordan  ran up out of the bunker and did a chest-bump with his caddy that nearly sent the caddy to the ground.

Now it was Daniel Berger’s turn to try to pull off a “miracle” shot but no, his somewhat more routine shot from near the edge but a long way from the hole came near but not in, so Jordan was declared the WINNER.  Wow.  What a way to win a million dollars plus.

I wasn’t there but son David and grandson Kyle were.  And I saw it all on television.  A great day.



A Day In Essex (Connecticut) June 24, 2017

Could this be a view along the Connecticut River?

We had a wonderful day in Essex Connecticut, a lovely town on the Connecticut River. Lunching at Marlay’s at the marina in Essex.  Son David had a great time maneuvering my husband’s wheelchair onto the 6 person ferry which took us to Marlay’s on the island.

Essex is such a gem of a town.  After lunch we had a bit of time to shop but it was so hot along the main street, we didn’t linger long to examine all the colorful plants and blossoms in the gardens and the classic beauty of the historic houses.  Another time.


Greetings From Connecticut

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This blogger is currently enjoying a change of scene, visiting in Connecticut for a week.  So  far I’ve hit the yarn store and L L Bean and the Men’s Grooming Salon for a much needed haircut for my husband.  He rivaled the newly acquired dog Holly.  Pictures to follow.         Lewis Fairfield Burwell   Not my husband or Holly but a picture of flowing locks to sort of give you the idea.   This image is of Lewis Burden, one of my ancestors


Reverend Francis DaneRev Francis Dane, another ancestor


Barnes and Noble and Essex await.  As if I had to come to Connecticut to visit Barnes and Noble.




A Work In Progress June 20, 2017

Immigrant ship 33   Immigrant Ship


From the piles of papers I’ve accumulated in my genealogy research I am now compiling a list of my immigrant ancestors who came to America – who, when, what year, etc.

Following is my draft so far:   Sorry, I’m having trouble copying the Word document



Hans Jonathan June 19, 2017

IMG_3526    The Man Who Stole Himself, The Slave Odyssey of Hans Jonathan.

A most interesting book for anyone who wants to learn more about genealogy, the history of slavery and slave relations and freedom.  Hans Jonathan was born to a slave mother in St Croix in the West Indies.  He was transported to Copenhagen and later escaped to Iceland.  And the tale goes on from there to trace his descendants in Iceland and North America.  A powerful piece of research, which is still ongoing.


St Giles Cripplegate Church London

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St Giles Cripplegate London  Church associated with the final resting place for my 11th GGM, Elizabeth Robert 1520-1570


Essex England Coat of Arms

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COA Essex England  A strong graphic image