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Living in Magnolia – 50 Years Ago June 13, 2017

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As many of my readers know, once upon a time I lived in Seattle – that was 50 years ago and I shared a house in Magnolia with 2 teachers, Jody and Mary Ann.  We were a companiable threesome for about 8 months from October 1959 – June 1960.  My sojurn in Seattle was part of the follow-on from that summer of 1959 after I had finished my Master’s Degree in Geography at Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois.  I was footloose and fancy free.  My “reward” for completing my degree was that 2 month trip to Europe – cycling in England and Scandinavia and then a 2nd month of travel.  In my case I teamed up with 2 others from the hostel group and we picked up a brandnew VW beetle in Geneva, and then headed south to explore Avignon and Arles and then Carcassonne, Andorra, Barcelona, Zaragotha, San Sebastian, the Loire…

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