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Prize Winning Shot June 26, 2017

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A thrilling finish to the PGA  Traveler’s Open Golf Championship yesterday.  There was a tie between 2 players after 4 days (72 holes) of play so the 2 players, Jordan Spieth and Daniel Berger, had to play an additional hole or holes to win the top prize of a million dollars or so.  Down they trooped or rather rode in speedy little golf buggies  to replay the 18th hole.  Both players hit rather wayward tee shots but with assistance from a tree they both were able to hit 2nd shots which brought them up to near the 18th green.  Jordan Spieth’s next shot was from a tight angle in the bunker (sand trap) – he squared up to the ball – “cooly and confidently” hit his next shot — IT LANDED ON THE GREEN AND ROLLED STRAIGHT INTO THE CUP!!  WHAT A SHOT!!!!  An exultant Jordan  ran up out of the bunker and did a chest-bump with his caddy that nearly sent the caddy to the ground.

Now it was Daniel Berger’s turn to try to pull off a “miracle” shot but no, his somewhat more routine shot from near the edge but a long way from the hole came near but not in, so Jordan was declared the WINNER.  Wow.  What a way to win a million dollars plus.

I wasn’t there but son David and grandson Kyle were.  And I saw it all on television.  A great day.



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