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Home Again June 29, 2017

Filed under: Crossword Puzzles,Travel — Janet @ 6:37 pm

A good trip to the East Coast even though we ran out of time (and energy) to get to Barnes and Noble.  We had the nice trip to Mystic and I popped into a book store there and bought Colin Woodward’s book The Lobster Coast.  Reading for the trip home – interspersed with crossword puzzles.  I must say I think I am getting better at crossword puzzles – at least Will Shortz’s Easy Puzzles.  If I do any more trips maybe I can graduate to the intermediate level.  Nice to have a goal.

One disappointing happening – my perfect suitcase which has served me well for many years and trips was damaged somewhere along the way between checkin at Bradley, a change of plane in Detroit,  and the pickup carousel in Seattle.  One of the zippers for a large compartment on the outside of my case was damaged.  Fortunately I don’t think anything was missing from the open compartment.  But I happened to see someone else’s case which was damaged more drastically and there could well have been things missing.  The open zip on her case exposed total access to the contents.  In fact, that outer compartment on her case was empty I think.  I saw that before my case came through on the carousel and didn’t pay too much attention as I was waiting to spot my bag so I can’t report a sequel or conclusion to my story.

I don’t expect any compensation for the damage to my suitcase but I plan to let Delta know anyway.  As I say, that case was a favorite and it served me well for many years.



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