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First Tomatoes July 5, 2017

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Today I saw actual tomatoes (green) on one of my 6 tomato plants.


Looking forward to more.


In Pursuit Of Joseph Reed

I have an ancestor, one of my 3rd great grandfathers, who was born in Maine in 1780 and died in Maine in 1850.  He was married to Sarah Maddox who was born in Maine in 1770.  They had a daughter, Abigail Hinds Reed, who was born in December 1804 in Gloucester Massachusetts.  Abigail married Samuel Friend, 1806-1884.  Abigail and Samuel were my Great Great Grandparents.

They are buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Gloucester.  “He was respected for his integrity”   “Her life was a benediction”

Back to the question of my ancestor Joseph Reed.  Were his parents farmers? or involved in the fishing industry?  Were they part of the extended Reed family from Ireland?  from Kilkenny?  or Donegal?  or Londonderry?  or Scotland?  Were they Protestant, or Catholic?  Questions abound.

I have consulted one reference, a book which detailed many many Reeds but in my initial perusal I didn’t spot a Joseph Reed who fit the scanty information I have already.




Happy Birthday America

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I’ll have to check my genealogy records to see if I can find one or more of my ancestors among the signers.

the genealogy girl

This is my favorite commercial ever created in the genealogy industry.  I love the concept and the execution.  In less than a minute, Ancestry.com managed to remind us of the importance of unity and freedom.

This great experiment that is America, survives and thrives by our willingness to be united in supporting the freedom and rights of every human being.  I hope our experiment continues for generations to come.  I hope this lovely commercial can serve as a reminder that there is always more that unites us than divides us.  We are stronger when we are one.

Happy Birthday America.

Thank you Ancestry.com for reminding us what we celebrate on this day.

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