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Saltee Islands – All Things Beautiful July 25, 2017

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Making memories

As I said in my previous post, to get to the Gannet place we have to first cross the Black-backed gull land. Great Black-backed gull is the largest of the gulls, and is described as a “merciless tyrant”. They can be fierce and aggressive at their nests, but I have no intention to bother them, and I know there are no chicks that early in the year. The gulls are perched on the rocks and become agitated as I get closer. Apparently they don’t understand the message I am sending them with my body language. One of them is trying to attack me. I keep walking and pretend I don’t hear, so he finally leaves me alone and returns to his rock. I turn around and take a picture 🙂 Then I hurry away.

Saltee Island Great

Just before the Cat Cliff comes into sight, I see another Black-backed gull with a…

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I Was There

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The Seattle Mariners beat the Boston Red Sox last night 4 to 0.  I was there right behind home plate, high in the stands.  But I didn’t have to watch the game at all – I could just stare at the big screen – all the action was there including scene after scene of antics by the fans.  Razz-Ama-Tazz and Hoopla galore and occasional fireworks kept us on our toes.  But where was the old fashioned simple beauty of the game itself?  And the hot dog and pop corn sellers of former days.  I’m not sure I fully appreciated the 2017 version of the baseball game experience.  Take me back to Fenway Park in the 1940’s – now there was how I like to think of a family outing to a baseball game.


But never mind my grumbles – the 2017 outing was good – surrounded by good humored friends and a lovely summer’s evening  And MY TEAM won!  Oops – I got mixed up.   My team should now no longer be the Red Sox and I should be pleased that the Mariners won.  Yes, the Mariners won.  MY TEAM for 2017.


Vintage Golf

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