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Seattle Now & Then: ‘The City is More Than Human’ July 27, 2017

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Seattle Now & Then

(click to enlarge photos)

THEN: Ballard dairy farmer Jess Jensen poses with four of his milch cows on 8th Avenue Northwest, near its intersection with NW 58th Street. The subject looks north.

NOW: Holding his book “The City Is More Than Human,” historian Frederick L. Brown, poses for Jean Sherrard in the traffic on 8th Avenue NW. Brown only seems to be in danger. The cars behind him have been stopped by the traffic light at NW 58th Street.

Here stands historian Fred Brown holding his new book and farmer Jess Jensen holding the roped reins attached to his four cows. The two-legged animals pose near one another and the intersection of NW 58th Street and 8th Avenue NW, although across about a century of time.  Before Ballard’s 1907 annexation into Seattle, 58th was named Times Street (not knowing other or better, I propose that it was…

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