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At The Water Spot August 29, 2017

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IMG_4223  Katerina enjoying a refreshing drink of water

IMG_4214  Squirrels come too


Every Day Is A New Day……….

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Everyday is a new day in my garden – my garden is changing continuously as the summer draws to a close.  There is a lot of greenery thanks to the tomato plants…..but for ripening I’ve brought the fruits of the vines inside.

IMG_4222  This is a sunny bay window in my kitchen.  The tomatoes are ripening right before my eyes.


Vintage Postcard Of Ballard August 25, 2017

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aln054  circa 1900 postcard – another one for my collection – only problem is that this is just a picture of the card – I don’t have the postcard itself


Random Photos August 24, 2017

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h_lightship_right_tall_2016   memories of Nantucket             20935023_1216647795147361_3695357427882892617_o  symbolic of the Pacific Northwest – image for a tapestry?

20992854_10214264136457771_7477828268968732139_n Fizz (the kitten/cat) want’s Caitlin’s attention (Caitlin is my granddaughter)

IMG_4166  lone cosmos

IMG_4169  shadows in my garden

20032054_10155641482023921_7147512390643941557_n  my neighbor’s Corgi Alice



All Things Considered August 22, 2017

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Fantastic view from Discovery Park here in Seattle on another sunny day


Chillingham Cemetery Northumberland England August 19, 2017


St. Pater’s Parish Church, Northumberland Unitary Authority, Northumberland, England.  Looks lonely.  Final resting place for Thomas Grey, 1448-1498, my 15th Great Grandfather


Castle Ruins

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2ce84885-22b0-41fb-b137-36d48083d89a  I found this image in association with my 14th Great Grandfather Sir James Horseley DeLaval 1423-1492.  Rather nice.  Genealogy romanticized.


Charlemagne’s Descendants

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01458632-b719-4ded-9341-02452214343f  This is the symbol I have found to show I am a descendent of Charlemagne.  How many others can claim this distinction?  Millions??


Lunch With The St Bernards August 18, 2017

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There is a pub near us here in Ballard called The Barking Dog.  I went there a few days ago for lunch and I had the good fortune to be greeted by 2 St Barnards.  Massive dogs.  I was delighted.

IMG_4101  Just beautiful – 1 year old – and his name is Ballard      the younger St Bernard is 7 months – still a puppy – but he has a very deep bark

IMG_4105      IMG_4103

I am partial to St Bernards – my first dog was part St Bernard

2017_07_11_14_07_10.pdf036  my first dog Duchess – part collie, part St Bernard   photos from the 1950’s

2017_07_11_14_07_10.pdf025  I loved that dog

2017_06_15_12_28_54.pdf012  a pair of St Bernards at a Boston Dog Show


2017_08_05_14_56_24.pdf010 vintage postcard


Vintage Photo

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2017_08_16_09_59_21.pdf021  Rugs on Display, Kathmandu Nepal, 1983