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Puzzling Photo August 7, 2017

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I spent a lot of time in the past few days scanning photographs in my collection.  My husband and I are puzzled by this one.  The following was inscribed on the back of the photo.


It’s quite fascinating delving into the past by looking at old photographs.  Memories are stirred and there are distortions and variations as more and more time passes.  For example, with the above photo we have a number of clues but it seems to be out of place.    We knew Andrew Ligale and Erica Mann in Kenya in the 1960’s.  But Ian’s attendance at the RTPI (Royal Town Planning Institute) Summer Schools was in the early 1970’s.


3 Responses to “Puzzling Photo”

  1. Amy Says:

    Who is Richard Gill? He seems to be the person labeled as “self.” I don’t know who Ian is, but is he even in this picture?

    • Janet Says:

      Richard Gill is an unknown or not remembered. Ian is the self – my husband of 50 years – the tall man in the dark suit on the right.. Interestingly, I googled Erica Mann – what a fascinating life she lead. I’m not sure I ever met her – only knew the name as a woman in Ian’s office. She was very social and early on involved Ian in dinner parties or whatever as the single man (to pair with some single woman). Ian doesn’t remember her but he vaguely remembers Igor her husband. Erica and Igor were refugees from Nazi Germany, as were a number of people we met in Kenya.

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