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Carnage In The Garden Again September 29, 2017

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Purgatory of Blogging

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The World according to Dina

Fegefeuer des Bloggens

Tranquility embraced us. We were captured by the mighty spirit of the place. Venerable ruins seemed to exhale this tranquility that the monks were seeking to concentrate on the essential.
We entered Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire’s magnificent monastery. Monks started to create a place for contemplation here in the 12th c which lasted until the dissolution. The monks disappeared but their spirit shaping the genius loci couldn’t be destroyed. We were spellbound.

Tiefe Ruhe umfing uns. Mächtig wirkte der Geist des Ortes. Ehrwürdige Ruinen schienen diese Ruhe auszuatmen, eine Ruhe, die die Mönche suchten, um sich auf das Wesentliche zu besinnen.
Entspannt und guter Laune betraten wir Fountains Abbey, die großartige Klosteranlage in Yorkshire. Hier hatten im 12. Jh. Mönche begonnen, sich einen Raum der Kontemplation zu schaffen, der bis ins 16. Jh. bestand, als die Klöster aufgelöst wurden. Die Gemeinschaft verschwand, aber ihr Geist und der genius loci

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Remembering The Good Times

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2017_09_28_20_20_22.pdf000  My sisters and me at the farm in Milford New Hampshire       some years ago


My Pal Katerina September 28, 2017

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There’s A Bright Star Shining In The East

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When I get up these dark September mornings and take my seat at the computer I look out to see a lone bright star shining in the East.  I like to think this is a message from my dear sister Ruth who passed just a few days ago.  She is shining down on us – twinkling – all is well.  She is at rest, in peace.  And slowly dawn breaks.  Another beautiful sunrise.

2017_09_28_06_39_16.pdf003  Ruth   This photo was taken a number of years ago when she was still living at her beloved farm.  The farmhouse was built in 1792 and lived in by 10 generations of the same family before Ruth and her husband Chuck bought it.  Over the years it was the focus not only for the immediate family but for the wider circle of friends and family.

Among Ruth’s many interests she loved gardening, particularly flowers.  So this photo taken on the side porch is most appropriate.


I Have Ancestors Who Lived Here September 27, 2017

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d1a67d2d-1571-4e5a-84c8-8268923dd581  Modern view of Alvechurch, Worcestershire showing half-timbered buildings.  My 10th and 11th Great Grandfathers Parsonage lived in Alvechurch in the 16th century.

12e444b1-995d-4b7d-bd9c-e1c1ada61fce   Aerial view


Do I Like Mice/Rats?

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IMG_4438  Ready for burial – I suspect this is a rat – the cat’s latest treasure.


Knockmealdown mountains through the seasons II September 25, 2017

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Beautiful Ireland. I especially want to visit the Cat’s Bar – and maybe have a Murphy’s instead of a Guinness. (I’m a Dublin person.)

Making memories


On a cold winter morning, shortly before the sunrise, we are traveling from Newcastle across the eastern part of the Knockmealdowns. The images below show the change of the light as the sun makes its way up in the sky.











More sheep.

This road will take you to the Mount Melleray Abbey .   You see it in the distance with the Knocknafallia mountain (666.5 m) in background.

Mount Melleray

In my previous post, I wrote about the other way to cross the Knockmealdowns. What links these two roads? Both of them can lead you to the famous Cats Bar where you can get a nice lunch and spend a good time in the evening. Photographs taken over the years.

cats bar

cat's barcat's bar

Also, both of them can eventually take you to Lismore, but that’s another story for another time.


Thank you for traveling across the Knockmealdown Mountains with me. If you are going to…

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Walking in Their Footsteps by Jennifer Spier-Stern

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My Garden Looks Bare …… September 23, 2017

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My garden looks bare without the tomato plants.