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Early September Colors In My Garden September 2, 2017

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IMG_4250          IMG_4251

IMG_4252         IMG_4253

IMG_4254        IMG_4255


Cat Seeking Shade

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IMG_4249  That’s Katerina under the chair in the corner.  Here it is early September and it is still HOT.

IMG_4247  earlier in the morning – look how long the shadows are – the sun is so much lower in the sky compared with July and August


Keeping Track

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In my genealogy work I’m trying to identify as many ancestors as possible.  My tree keeps growing.  As part of this work I want to be sure I identify all the individuals  who immigrated to America.

The ancestor count as of September 1, 2017 stands at 6476.  That’s a lot of people.

Here is one of the immigrant ships

Immigrant ship 33