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My Ancestors Who Immigrated To North America September 5, 2017

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What follows is a working draft of what I found so far in my genealogy research.

Immigrants to America


Ordered by Year


Standish, Myles     arrived in Plymouth in 1620 on the Mayflower    8th Great Grandfather    I am descended from Myles through Gilman Bryant on my father’s side


Allerton, Remember    arrived in Plymouth on the Mayflower in 1620 with her parents Isaac Allerton and Mary Norris   Remember was 5 years old    Remember was my 9th Great Grandmother


Mullins, William and Alice    Came on the Mayflower   both died in 1621




Palmer, William    he arrived in Duxbury in 1621   he came on the Fortune



Standish, Barbara    wife of Myles   arrived in 1623 and married Myles shortly afterward in 1624   She was his 2nd wife and the mother of Josiah, my 7th Great Grandfather     his first wife Rose died in 1621 in the first sickness at Plymouth


Annable, Anthony   came in July 1623 with his wife Jane Mumford    they sailed on the ship “Anne & Little James”


Palmer, Anne   wife of William Palmer    Came on the “Anne” in 1623


Sutcliffe   arrived 1623



Lyford, Ruth – arrived in Plymouth in 1624




Cummings, Isaac    8th GGF   came to Salem in 1627   born in Scotland




Archer, Samuel   arrived in Salem in 1630    he was part of the Winthrop Fleet      he was a carpenter    he married in 1634



Vore, Mary  came to America with her parents Richard Vore and Ann Harris in 1630 wen she was 13     They were from Somerset    she eventually married Alexander Alford


Bissell/Buswell, Capt John and his wife Mary Drake  arrived in Nantasket in 1630


Brackett, Capt Richard – came in 1630 with his older brother Peter     Richard went back to England briefly in 1633 to marry Alice Blower


Bradstreet, Simon – arrived in Boston in 1630   He was part of the Winthrop Fleet    His wife Ann Dudley accompanied him


Dutch, Osman –  arrived Rhode Island in 1630    settled in Gloucester   sent for his wife Grace Pratt in 1639


Fletcher, Deacon John – arrived in 1630 in Concord

with his wife Sarah Hartwell    Sarah was from Chelmsford England     was her husband John or Robert??


Ingersoll, Sarah    arrived as an infant  age 3


Keyes, Robert – with his wife Sarah arrived in 1630


Mousall, Alice Thompson   arrived Charlestown 1630    born in Norwich


Philbrick, Thomas – arrived in 1630 with the Winthrop Fleet


Wigeon, Capt Thomas – arrived in 1630 with the Winthrop Fleet





Bryant, Stephen – arrived in 1632 from Kent in Essex


Merrill, Isaac and his wife Clemmet came to Massachusetts Bay in 1632 on the “Lyon”    they settled in Roxbury


Palphry, Jane – arrived in Boston in 1632


Sargent, William –  8th GGF  Bristol to Ipswich   he arrived in 1632




Blower, Alice came in 1633 with her husband Capt Richard Brackett


Clapp, Thomas – arrived in 1633


Duncan, Nathaniel –  my 9th GGF  he came from Exeter Devonshire to Dorchester Massachusetts in 1633    his wife Elizabeth Jourdaine accompanied him


Hart, Deacon Stephen and his wife Mary Elizabeth Symonds came to Massachusetts Bay in 1633    they settled first in Cambridge, went to Hartford in 1636






Andrew, Capt Robert   my 9th GGF    came from Suffolk to Ipswich in 1634     he was an innkeeper


Newall, Abraham Jr – he arrived in 1634 from Ipswich England   he colonized Roxbury


Pierce, Persis – England to Charlestown    arrived in 1634


Smith, Samuel   arrived in Boston/Watertown in 1634    he was from Suffolk   his wife Elizabeth Barbara Mumforde accompanied him






Adams, Robert Sr  was my 9th GGF   he arrived in Ipswich in 1635 with his wife and son Robert and other family members


Adams, Robert Jr   my 8th GGF  arrived in Ipswich in 1635 with his wife Eleanor Wilmot and their 2 eldest children


Bates, James Jr –   The Bates family came to America in April 1635 on the Winthrop Society ship “Elizabeth”   the family included…………………


Bird, Dorothy   –   she arrived in 1635   she first went to Newton and later to Hartford


Black, Mary and her husband John G. King Jr came from Dorchester England to Weymouth Massachusetts in 1635




Blower, Thomas – came from Sudbury to Stanstead to Boston in 1635 with his wife Alice Frost      they sailed on the ship “True Love”


Brigham, Ann – came in 1635 as the new wife of Simon Crosby Sr   they sailed on the “Susan and Ellen”


Cooper, John and his wife Wilbroe came to America on the Hopewell in 1635


Denne, John and his daughter Elizabeth came from Boxted Essex to Ipswich Massachusetts in 1635    they sailed on the “Increase”


Eaton, Abigail Gilson    Married John Eaton in 1630   arrived in Boston in 1635



Farnham, Mary – arrived in Boston in 1635 age

French, Capt. William – came at age 32 with his wife and 4 children on the Defence in 1635    They arrived in Boston and later moved to Billerica


Griggs, George and his wife Alice and their family of 5 children – came to Boston on the “Hopewell” in 1635     from Buckinghamshire


Gross, Isaac –  with his wife Ann Lobley arrived in Boston in 1635


Hollister, Lieut John –  arrived in 1635    settler of Wethersfield Connecticut


Jocelyne, Rebecca – arrived 1635 in Boston    other members of the family with her??


Kingsley, John with his wife Mary Bucks  arrived Cambridge in 1635 from Dorchester England    they subsequently went on to Weymouth Massachusetts


Kingsley, Stephen – arrived in Dorchester in 1635


Mallory, Peter   arrived in Massachusetts in 1635


Marlowe, Rebecca – wife of Thomas Jocelyn   with family arrived in Boston in 1635 on the “Increase”


Pierson, Wilmoe Griggs with her husband John Cooper and 5 children arrived in 1635        check this – something  is off


Preston, Roger Sr – arrived in Boston in 1635


Starr, Comfort (Dr) – arrived in 1635 to Cambridge on the “Hercules of Sandwich”


Toothaker,Margaret  – arrived in Boston in 1635



Tuttle, William = 9th GGF  came from Northampton England to Boston in 1635 on the “Planter” with his wife Elizabeth and 3 children


Warner, Daniel – sailed on the “Increase” in 1635 with his parents


Wheatley, Rachel –Rachel came in 1635 on the “Planter” with her 2nd husband Martin Sanders and 2 of her Brackett children by her 1st marriage



Wilson, Mary –   8th Great Grandmother    England to Virginia in 1635




Boyse, Joanne   came to America in 1636 with 2 married sisters    she married Reverend Peter Prudden in 1637, Thomas Willett in1671, John Bishop in 1674     she died in 1681


Felton (widow) – arrived in Salem in 1636


Marshall, Elizabeth – arrived in Dorchester 1636    she married Thomas Trowbridge


Reese, Margaret – arrived in Salem in 1636 with her husband and brother John


Warner, William – with his wife Abigail Baker and 3 sons he sailed on “The Increase” in 1636 to Ipswich Massachusetts





Alford,  Alexander  came to America from Somerset in 1637.  He was 10 years old    He settled in Hartford


Botsford , Henry   and his wife Elizabeth Woolhead arrived in 1637 in Boston on the “Hector” (and the “Martin”?)  many in the group were the original Planters in Milford Connecticut in 1639


Brockett, John   arrived in Boston in 1637

Buckingham, Thomas and his wife Hannah Hawkins – were they part of the group on the “Hector” ?     Boston first in 1637 and then eventually  Milford Connecticut in 1639


Gedney, John Jr –  9th GGF   arrived in Salem from Norwich in 1637 with his wife Sarah and 3 children and 2 servants


Greene, Anne – arrived in Boston in 1637


Hill, Robert –  arrived in 1637 on the “Hector”     subsequently went on to Connecticut in 1637


Melviile, Lady Janet Melvin   arrived in Bosto in 1637


Pruden, Peter   arrived in Boston in 1637   he was from Hertfordshire     he later went to Milford Connecticut



Ward, Henry – Suffolk England to Hingham in 1637  (some sources say he first landed in Virginia)






Atkins, Alice   she arrived in 1638 with her husband John Stevens Sr and their sons William and Jonathan and 2 indentured servants     they sailed on the ship “Confidence”


Coy, Richard   8th GGF  Came in 1638 aged 13    became a leading man in Brookfield Massachusetts    (killed in King Phillip’s War)


Crosby, Thomas – parents of Simon Crosby    came in 1638 to Cambridge


Hutchins, John – came in 1638 as a servant of the Dummers on the ship “Bevis”


Osgood, John – in April 1638 he and his family sailed on the “Confidence”    they landed in Ipswich Massachusetts




Bushnell. Frances    9th GGF     Berkshire to New Haven in 1639


Lovell, Percival –  at age 68 he arrived 1639 on the ship “Jonathan” with a big family group


Pratt, Grace – wife of Osman Dutch who arrived earlier  she came from Bridport in Dorset with their son Robert in 1639






Vanaser, Mary   arrived in Massachusetts in 1640     she was the wife of John Plympton



Chapin, Samuel    arrived in Braintree in 1641









Edwards, Rhys –  arrived in Salem in 1642 from Suffolk England



Lewen, Margaret    arrived in 1643 from London


Plimpton, John – arrived 1643 in Dedham Massachusetts


Stetson, Cornet Robert with his wife Honor – arrived in 1643



Hinds, Capt William    arrived in Salem in 1644


Tay, William – Netherlands to New York   he arrived in 1644





Dutch, Robert – arrived in Ipswich in 1646




Fithian, William  8th GGF  arrived in New York in 1650 from Wales




Phillips, Nicholas – arrived in Boston in 1656   One of many trips



Bailey, Reverend Thomas    he and his wife Rebecca Friend came to Watertown Mass in November 1687     he joined his brother John



Cox, Mary    Arrived in 1701 in Virginia


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  1. Being a family historian myself, I can tell this represents A LOT of time and effort. Nice work, and congrats!

  2. emperorp Says:

    Wow! Janet. A fascinating collection of ancestors…and each with a story…exciting to stay with these details

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