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Before The Rain September 17, 2017

IMG_4390  getting the last of the sun’s rays this morning


Joan Baez In Concert

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Last night I listened to a wonderful concert by Joan Baez to celebrate her 75th birthday.  The music stirred so many memories.  The highlight for me was a clip of Harry Belafonte in the audience.  His music was all the rage when I was in college – I can hear it now being played at peak volume from a friend’s room down the hall.



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Rain Is In The Forecast

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My star in the garden – it has been quietly blooming all summer.  Still going strong while everything else in the garden is shutting down.


Knockmealdown mountains through the seasons I

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Enjoy these wonderful photos from Ireland.

Making memories

Last winter I posted Comeragh series to introduce my favorite mountains. Today I am taking you just a couple of miles west to the Knockmealdown range. We will cross Knockmealdown mountains twice – from Clogheen and from Newcastle, in summer and in winter. Today I will also share a few ten years old photographs from my hike across the western part of the range. Good old days 🙂

But first we have to drive through the village of Ardfinnan, and the most famous feature of Ardfinnan is not its castle, but its gaggle of geese. My former colleague, who is originally from Ardfinnan, once told me that it was his great-grandmother who left her geese to the village in the beginning of the 20th century. I cannot tell you how many generations of geese passed since their common ancestors waddled on the banks of River Suir. In winter they…

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Thinking About My Reading

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I recently read a book by Susan Hill called Howards End is on the Landing.  A thoughtful book about the books in her personal library and her reading preferences.

IMG_4370  A most interesting book – I could not agree with a number of her choices but more importantly it set me thinking about what I choose to read and the books I keep on my shelves.  I read a lot.  I have almost always read a lot.  But I have not had the luxury of keeping all the books I have wanted to have a permanent place in my home.  We have just moved house and country too often for that.  But, I’ll now think about what is on my shelves now – and reminisce about certain books in the past and in other places.

……to be continued