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Trivia September 19, 2017

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IMG_4392  a simpler puzzle than the previous one, only 550 pieces

IMG_4391   Katerina has taken my seat – again!



Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales

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Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales, c. 1501 Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales, c. 1501

Henry Tudor’s Lancastrian claim to the throne of England was weak at best. In August of 1485, he defeated the Yorkist King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field and established the Tudor dynasty as King Henry VII. To cement his claim he married the eldest daughter of King Edward IV, Elizabeth of York. They were to have four children who survived infancy.

Arthur Tudor was born shortly after midnight on September 20, 1486, just eight months after his parent’s marriage. King Henry was optimistic and insisted his son be born at Winchester, the legendary capital of King Arthur’s Camelot. Henry also required the child be named Arthur anticipating his reign and dynasty would bring back the golden age of the legendary king. Arthur’s christening took place at Winchester Cathedral. The baptism rites followed the etiquette observed for all of…

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