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Chaplins – WWII – Intermission Story (21) October 5, 2017

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Pacific Paratrooper

The Four Chaplains

Chaplains of World War II indicated that usually they had a chapel 
in the United States, but almost never once they were abroad. Kenneth W. 
Fristoe tells of building a thatched roof chapel in the jungles of New 
Guinea with the help of "Fuzzy Wuzzy" natives, and dedicating it on 
Mother's Day with an attendance of over 400.

Unknown chaplain in New Guinea, WWII

After Pearl Harbor the chaplains in the Philippines were the first to face sustained combat with their men. On 8 December, 150 Japanese planes bombed Pampanga for two hours. While the airfield was bombed and strafed, Chaplain Joseph V. LaFleur went among the wounded and dying to offer prayer and help get them to the hospital. He stayed on Bataan with his men. With 750 other American prisoners, he was crowded into two holds of a Japanese ship. At sea the ship was…

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One Response to “Chaplins – WWII – Intermission Story (21)”

  1. GP Cox Says:

    Thank you for sharing this story. Outside of the military, I don’t believe many realize just how much the Chaplins do for the troops.

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