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James In The 1980’s October 28, 2017

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I had a request for pictures of our son James in the 1980’s.  A futile preliminary search revealed nothing.  I am in the process of digitising all my photos and now I can’t find anything!  Hence the random mostly inappropriate findings below:


james  James 2016, Seattle

2017_08_16_09_59_21.pdf021 Tibetan woman in her shop in Kathmandu – 1980’s

2017_08_11_10_43_37.pdf000  James and Ian – 1970’s, Dublin

2017_07_08_17_53_58.pdf000  James, Andrew and David – might be late 1970’s, Dhaka Bangladesh

boys-me-norwegian-sweater  Janet (me) with James and Andrew – Dublin, 1970’s

2017_10_28_15_48_25.pdf001  James, in Kenya early 1990’s, Karen Country Club

2017_10_28_15_48_25.pdf004   James, Andrew, David and William, Nairobi Kenya early 1990’s

2017_10_28_15_48_25.pdf006   at Nyali Beach Hotel, Mombasa, Kenya early 1990’s





Nebbiolo wine

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I love these blog posts by my internet friend in Africa.

A Bushsnob out of Africa

Our son visits us in Zimbabwe every year during his holidays and we usually include his favourite place, Mana Pools National Park, as part of the holiday. This year we managed to get a good spot at Nyamepi campsite, just a few metres from the mighty Zambezi river.

We had not yet set up camp and we knew that we were in for a bit of “camping fun” as one of the large elephant bulls found in the park was walking about the campsite making a clear statement of who are the owners of the place.

DSC_0156 copy 2DSC_0424 copyWhen we saw it chasing one of the camp attendants we knew that it meant business! Luckily the charge was just a show of dislike and the man got away. The elephant walked after him into the park staff houses and nothing more was heard.

We had also been warned that monkeys and particularly…

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Guild Sale

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The Seattle Weavers’ Guild held its annual sale over the past 3 days.  Literally thousands of items.  Overwhelming.

IMG_4583  DIL Susan posing with 2 items by a felting artist

IMG_4581  the felting artist gave a talk

IMG_4601  one of my smaller purchases – a felted pin cushion

IMG_4592  Katerina approved my purchase of a rag rug

IMG_4603  interesting place mats – husband noticed and approved