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James In The 1980’s October 28, 2017

Filed under: Family Photos — Janet @ 11:19 pm

I had a request for pictures of our son James in the 1980’s.  A futile preliminary search revealed nothing.  I am in the process of digitising all my photos and now I can’t find anything!  Hence the random mostly inappropriate findings below:


james  James 2016, Seattle

2017_08_16_09_59_21.pdf021 Tibetan woman in her shop in Kathmandu – 1980’s

2017_08_11_10_43_37.pdf000  James and Ian – 1970’s, Dublin

2017_07_08_17_53_58.pdf000  James, Andrew and David – might be late 1970’s, Dhaka Bangladesh

boys-me-norwegian-sweater  Janet (me) with James and Andrew – Dublin, 1970’s

2017_10_28_15_48_25.pdf001  James, in Kenya early 1990’s, Karen Country Club

2017_10_28_15_48_25.pdf004   James, Andrew, David and William, Nairobi Kenya early 1990’s

2017_10_28_15_48_25.pdf006   at Nyali Beach Hotel, Mombasa, Kenya early 1990’s





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