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Sir Antonie Browne KG November 2, 2017

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Sir Anthony Browne and brothers  illustration of my 13th Great Grandfather and his brothers     Sir Anthony Brown 1500-1568


National Jigsaw Puzzle Day

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IMG_4624  I’m working hard to finish this 1000 piece puzzle  in time – National Jigsaw Puzzle Day is tomorrow.  I somehow think I’m only halfway there.  I had a setback several days ago when Katerina knocked the whole business to the floor.  I swept up the pieces and reconstructed what I had done to that point.  Since then I have closely guarded my efforts.  Is Katerina contrite?  Ha.  I wonder if she is pals with this magnificent feline.



A Coat of Arms, again

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Grey COA  Grey Coat of Arms     Sir John Grey, my 12th Great Grandfather, 1527-1564, was the Uncle of Queen Lady Jane Grey.