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My 13th Great Grandfather November 13, 2017

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Is it true that one of my Great Grandfathers – a 13th Great Grandfather – .  was King James II of Scotland.  Amazing!  Genealogy research is fascinating.

James_II_of_Scotland_17th_century   James II of Scotland

Photo credit:  Wikipedia





Late Fall Color

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IMG_4679  along my street in Seattle

IMG_4678  I’m not sure what this bush is called

IMG_4680  this is the path to my house and if you look closely there is a little brown bird (a sparrow?) upper center left at the edge of the pavement – I rather like this picture – it certainly is late autumn



Katerina Wins Every Time

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IMG_4670  She thinks she’s cute – trying to get my attention – and then scatter the puzzle pieces in all directions.  She thinks it’s a wonderful game.  After a few rounds I manage to grab her without getting clawed and put her out.  Even in the rain!  Then she comes meowing outside the bedroom window at 2 a.m.  I relent, get up and let her in, meow meow…………at 4:00 a.m. she wants to go out again!  I love that cat!


Riding The Bus In Seattle

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IMG_4676     IMG_4675

This little dog looked quite comfortable in his seat on the bus.  Other noteworthy features of my bus ride – the bus driver liked to sing and make up little jingles about each stop.   He was in good spirits.  I wondered if he were a bit high on marijuana or some such, but no he was just making his job more interesting.  I wanted to sing in reply but none of the other passengers showed any inclination to do so.  Maybe the little dog should have started howling!