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Special Picture # 284 – Thanksgiving in Trumbull – 1945 November 18, 2017

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This family gathering in 1945 reminds me of our family around the Thanksgiving table so long ago.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

On Thanksgiving, 1945, my Dad, Lad, was still in the Army officially but would be out very soon. He and Marian were on furlough in Trumbull. Dick was in South Carolina waiting to be discharged and Jean was in Trumbull waiting for him. Ced was visiting from Alaska and would be picking up his new plane, being built in Alliance, Ohio, to fly back. I also believe Aunt Elsie Duryee, Grandpa’s sister, was there. Biss (Elizabeth), her husband Zeke and their two boys, Butch and Marty came for dinner. Aunt Betty was also there. 

l to rt – the back of Zeke’s head, Ced, Grandpa, Aunt Elsie, Lad.

l to r – Aunt Betty, Lad, Marian, Grandpa, and Jean. Notice the china.

A dinner plate.

This is a close-up of the china. I am blessed with several pieces.

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One Response to “Special Picture # 284 – Thanksgiving in Trumbull – 1945”

  1. jaggh53163 Says:

    Janet – Thank you very much for re-posting my Blog. I love to share life in the 1940’s with others and you are helping. Thank you, again.

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