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Another Jigsaw Puzzle December 31, 2017

portrait of orleans

An Edward Hopper painting – Portrait of Orleans


IMG_5027  Of course Katerina has to participate


Sightseeing in the Skagit Valley

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26171658_927409447434169_3069594446595114016_o  Highly recommended,  I went early in December – a wonderful experience.


Density on Wedgwood’s Western Edge December 30, 2017

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Wedgwood in Seattle History

The Seattle City Clerk’s on-line map of the Wedgwood neighborhood spells it with the extra “e.”  The northwest corner of Wedgwood adjoins Lake City Way NE between NE 85th to 95th Streets.  Wedgwood extends from NE 75th to 95th Streets and is bounded on the east by 45th Ave NE.

In the 1980s the City of Seattle began to set neighborhood “boundaries” to give Seattle residents a sense of place and of civic involvement.  Today the Seattle City Clerk’s maps of neighborhoods as listed, are still given for that purpose.

Some Wedgwood residents may not feel that the City-defined boundaries match their mental map of their neighborhood.  For that reason, few people realized that the western edge of the Wedgwood neighborhood reaches all the way over to Lake City Way NE between NE 85th to 95th Streets.  And few people were aware that until recently, there was a trailer park…

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King Charles VII’s Response to the Concerns of His Son the Dauphin Louis

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The Freelance History Writer

Adoration of the Magi, attributed to Jean Fouquet, from the “Hours of Etienne Chevalier” depicting King Charles VII as the first of the Three Kings

The tensions between King Charles VII of France and his son the Dauphin Louis had existed for many years. There was a long list of incidences in their relationship that started when Louis was a child. When he was two, he was sent to the fortress of Loches mostly for his own safety. He stayed there in isolation and without the love of his family until he was ten years old. He went to court and was finally treated according to his rank. But then he was forced to marry Margaret Stewart of Scotland when he was thirteen and his father blatantly insulted him at the wedding.

When Louis was seventeen, he joined a group of men from the French nobility in an open rebellion…

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Images of Weaving December 29, 2017

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2017_07_08_15_53_09.pdf000  a younger me in Suva Fiji 1973 – early days learning to weave and demonstrating same on a table loom



close-up-of-janet-at-loom-april-04  at my Glimakra loom in Dublin



Year of The Dog

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Making memories

Not exactly now, but soon in February the world will enter the Year of the Dog. Earlier this year I visited the Deise Animal Sanctuary in Ballymacarbry, Co Waterford to take some pictures for this blog post. Here is a link to their Facebook page.  The page is active, and a phone number is also available on the page for those who want to come over or donate.

This is Patricia Edwards. Pat. She and her partner Rob came to Ireland from the UK 20 years ago. Pat and Rob have a small holding in the Comeragh mountains where they established The Deise Animal Sanctuary about decade ago. Pat used to work as an Animal Health Trading Standards inspector in Wales, and she is familiar with the matters related to animal welfare. It is certainly very useful, but the greatest thing about Pat is her big heart and unconditional love towards all…

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December 28, 2017 December 28, 2017

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82 years ago today on December 28, 1935 my parents were married at 45 Wildwood Street, Winchester Massachusetts.  This was my mother’s family home.IMG_3236  My grandparents home has different owners now – but doesn’t the house look lovely,  I stopped to view it this past May when I was visiting one of my cousins who lives in Winchester.  I have warm feelings as I think of that happy day so long ago.  In attendance were my 3 (half) siblings, my father was a widower with a son age 11 and 2 daughters age 8 and 7.  My sisters have told me how awkward they felt and how warm and gracious my mother’s mother was.  She just took them under her wing, so to speak and made them feel at ease.  Unfortunately none of the photos of the occasion turned out.

I have lots of other family photos to share however:

birthday-baby   I was born early in December a year later






IMG_0001     my father with his 3 young children – photo taken in the late 1920’s on Old Middlesex Road in Belmont Massachusetts.


IMG_0002    my mother holding me and Bob, Ruth, and Nan – and Blackie the cat     Spring 1937


IMGon the front steps of the Winchester house – Auntie (my grandfather’s sister), me, my cousin Betsy, our grandma Friend



    My grandfather’s sister Gussie (Augusta), my grandfather Alfred (Fred), and my grandmother May Belle      the picture was taken on the front porch of the Winchester house

  The baby in this photo from 1912 is my mother being held by her mother (my grandmother) in Minneapolis Minnesota

IMG  my father, proud dad 1920’s

IMG_0002  my dad and brother Bob 1930 approx.

IMG  my dad as a youth age 19?

IMG  my dad and his mother, 1943, Raleigh North Carolina

IMG_0003  my mother and dad, 1938?




New Total Ancestor Count December 27, 2017

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The total ancestor count has reached another milestone – 7200.  Trying to fill in the gaps on my family tree, I keep finding more information.  Either I missed these people initially or more information is coming to light.  Whichever, I am happy to keep working on my genealogy research.  I am particularly pleased when I find more early immigrants to North America.  That list keeps growing.


The New Year

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It has just dawned on me that with the Winter Solstice 2017 and Christmas 2017 behind us, it is almost time for tennis and the first of the Grand Slams, the Australian Open 2018.  And what do I see in the sports pages of the newspaper? – football, football, football.  Well the Seahawks Might make it to the Playoffs – let’s hope so!  There is excitement yet.


The Puzzle Is Finished

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IMG_5008  Hooray!  And not one piece missing despite Katerina’s repeated efforts to sabotage my efforts.