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New Total Ancestor Count December 27, 2017

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The total ancestor count has reached another milestone – 7200.  Trying to fill in the gaps on my family tree, I keep finding more information.  Either I missed these people initially or more information is coming to light.  Whichever, I am happy to keep working on my genealogy research.  I am particularly pleased when I find more early immigrants to North America.  That list keeps growing.


The New Year

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It has just dawned on me that with the Winter Solstice 2017 and Christmas 2017 behind us, it is almost time for tennis and the first of the Grand Slams, the Australian Open 2018.  And what do I see in the sports pages of the newspaper? – football, football, football.  Well the Seahawks Might make it to the Playoffs – let’s hope so!  There is excitement yet.


The Puzzle Is Finished

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IMG_5008  Hooray!  And not one piece missing despite Katerina’s repeated efforts to sabotage my efforts.