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King Charles VII’s Response to the Concerns of His Son the Dauphin Louis December 30, 2017

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Adoration of the Magi, attributed to Jean Fouquet, from the “Hours of Etienne Chevalier” depicting King Charles VII as the first of the Three Kings

The tensions between King Charles VII of France and his son the Dauphin Louis had existed for many years. There was a long list of incidences in their relationship that started when Louis was a child. When he was two, he was sent to the fortress of Loches mostly for his own safety. He stayed there in isolation and without the love of his family until he was ten years old. He went to court and was finally treated according to his rank. But then he was forced to marry Margaret Stewart of Scotland when he was thirteen and his father blatantly insulted him at the wedding.

When Louis was seventeen, he joined a group of men from the French nobility in an open rebellion…

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