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A Short Analysis of Emily Dickinson’s ‘A little Dog that wags his tail’ January 1, 2018

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Interesting Literature

The meaning of Dickinson’s great dog poem

‘A little Dog that wags his tail’ is not one of Emily Dickinson’s best-known poems, so a few words of analysis may help to clarify its meaning. It starts off sounding as though it’s going to be a dog poem – a sort of companion-piece to Dickinson’s celebrated poem about a cat – but then it quickly turns into a poem about something else entirely…

A little Dog that wags his tail
And knows no other joy
Of such a little Dog am I
Reminded by a Boy

Who gambols all the living Day
Without an earthly cause
Because he is a little Boy
I honestly suppose –

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Harvest Afghan

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Dances with Wools

C284FCDB-4DD2-410A-848E-FF7CF45A23E1The blend of textures and colors in this cozy afghan make it a perfect fall or winter project, its variations offering much more interest than one that is uniform throughout. And, once it games no some size, it’ll keep you cozy while working. The yarns are from Bernat and a size 8(US) 36 inch circular needle is suggested.  The pattern is accessible free of charge from Yarnspirations.

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