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Happy to the Core January 2, 2018

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Yellingrosa Weblog

When the evening

Arrives into the world

I am happy to the core.

The darkness doesn’t flirt nor boast

But consoles in the silent voice

My modest needed heart.

It predicts the coming of the royal


And the stars on the ballroom’s roof

With the pillars called trees,

And most of all, free entrance

For creatures which the day hasn’t

The faintest clue like the light

Doesn’t know the ambiguity

Who teaches the dance steps.

© Yelling Rosa

1/1 -18

Read by digital human voice


This year I will concentrate more on my Finnish WordPress blog at: https://yrosa.wordpress.com/
I have added the translator to my Finnish blog. It comes handy to them who cannot speak Finnish. This blog is going to be a place where I publish my poems in English every now and then. I hope that this arrangement gives me a peace to learn more not…

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