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Genealogy Again January 5, 2018

Filed under: Ancestors,Genealogy — Janet @ 7:58 pm

Trying to keep my thoughts in order – quite a job!

Following is a list I have compiled of my ancestors by generation.



Janet Willis Miller


Parents  2


Joseph Buckingham Miller  1891-1949

Dorothy Friend  1912-2000


Grandparents   4


Charles Dana Miller   1836-1898

Mary Elizabeth Murdock   1863-1954

Alfred William Friend   1874-1957

May Belle Willis   1872-1940


Great Grandparents   8


James Warner Miller  1807-1891

Mary Gilman Bryant    1814-1899

Joseph B Murdock   1833-1916

Lucy Anna Warner   1843-1878

Daniel Alfred Friend  1843-1892

Anna Augusta Fitz   1848-1878

James Davis Knowles Willis  1829-1902

Ellen Amanda Cummings  1836-1910



Great Great Grandparents    16


James Miller Sr   1783-1844

Sarah Warner   1788-1858

Gilman Bryant   1784-1859

Elizabeth Thrift   1792-1865

James Murdock   1810-1893

Elizabeth K Trimble   1810-1889

Henry W Warner   1815-1859

Harriet Anna Wilmarth   1821-1897

Samuel K Friend Jr   1806-1893

Abigail Hinds R Brown   1804-1894

Walter Felt Fitz   1804-1880

Eunice C. Baker    1812-1849

Charles W. P. Willis Jr   1753-1831


Eliza Eaton   1789-1850

Robert M Cummings   1802-1882

Mary Ann Osgood   1808-1880


Great Great Great Grandparents   32





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