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Another Book To Use In My Genealogy Research January 18, 2018

IMG_5078  Wow – what a compendium.  I can now check what I’ve found so far working mostly with Ancestry.com


Robins In The Holly Tree

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IMG_5077  View from my desk – at least 3 robins flying about from branch to branch in the holly tree.  I can only spot one in this photo.  They look so pretty, especially when the sun shines to highlight the robin’s bright red breast against the red berries and the strong green leaves.


A New Roof

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IMG_5068   you can’t really see the new roof but there have been workmen up there for the past 3 days.  What a lot of hammering and banging.  They have finished at last.  Hooray.   Katerina did not like it at all.  In fact, she vanished while the workmen were here.