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Genealogy Inspires Georgia Man to Get Back On Bicycle to Visit Sites of His Ancestors February 1, 2018

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I don’t plan to do this but found it interesting none the less.

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

A scare with traffic kept D. Gordon Draves off of his bicycle for 25 years. Learning about his ancestors got him back on. For the past three summers, the 71-year-old East Point resident has embarked on ambitious bike trips in the hopes of learning about his family’s history. Even places that didn’t turn up much in the way of documentation still paid off, Draves says. “It really just feels good to follow in the footsteps of your ancestors.”

You can read an interview with D. Gordon Draves in the AJCePaper at http://bit.ly/2rIM0SB.

By the way, I have to insert a personal comment here:

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Life of a donkey

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Making memories

Donkey SanctuaryDonkeys are the most misunderstood and abused animals around the world.

  Bonnie Jo Campbell

Last summer I visited The Donkey Sanctuary farm in Liscarroll, Co Cork. The farm is a home for 127 donkeys ( the number might have changed), but the Sanctuary has over 1800 donkeys in their care, about 500 of them re-homed. How did it happen that so many donkeys had to be rescued? Sadly, in order to claim agricultural subsidies many farmers use donkeys as a low-cost means of reaching the minimum stocking density required. The cost of castrating the young males is far higher than their value, and the donkeys that are left to fend for themselves in the fields would breed all the year round. Also, if a donkey gets sick it is often cheaper to buy a new donkey than to take it to the vet. On Done Deal website you can…

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