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Knitting in History February 3, 2018

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A Fish for Papa – WWII Account in the Philippines

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Running After 60

I was told the following story one night while sitting with the elders at a birthday party.   Marc Mausisia was the son of the person who this story is with regards to. Lolo Tenyada the cousin of Marc’s father. The accounts are from the time Japan occupied the Philippine’s. Both Marc Mausisa and Lolo Tenyada have passed on and I have no way of placing the timeframe in which this story occurred or where in the Philippines it took place. The words in this story Lolo and Lola mean Grandfather and Grandmother. I present it here to you, in their words. “A Fish For Papa”.

Marc Mausisa;

I was a just young boy when the Japanese came to our province, my papa was in the Army not far from where we lived when the Japanese came. They capture the army and took them to a place over a day’s walk…

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A Proud Grandma

IMG_5122    Grandson Ethan is in third grade and he and his 150+ classmates had an assignment where they had to interview a senior relative about what their life was like when they were in third grade.  Well today was presentation day where proud parents and grandparents gathered to see the results.  Our grandson Ethan interviewed me as his senior relative and here is his presentation of the results.  I thought he was quite clever in his presentation and his interpretation –  but no cleverer than his many classmates of such a variety of ethnicities.  it was a fun day for all concerned – especially the sampling of favorite recipes from the many countries represented.  Ethan’s favorite recipe was for Irish Apple Cake which he and his mom made.

IMG_5118  Ethan explaining his project to his mom/mum Susan.  If he had asked me what was my favorite recipe I would have said Apple Crisp – which is kind of like Irish Apple Cake.  But Apple Crisp is straight out of Betty Crocker.  Ethan has a mixed heritage from Ireland and North America.