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The Illnesses and Death of Queen Mary I February 24, 2018

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Queen Mary I in 1554, a copy of a portrait by Sir Antonis Mor

“My health is more unstable than that of any creature and I have all the greater need to rejoice in the testimony of a pure conscience.” Letter from Mary to the council of her brother King Edward VI, January 1552

It is always an interesting exercise to analyze the evidence presented for a person in history to come up with theories about their health. Of course retrospective diagnoses are impossible but we can garner clues to give us the ability to speculate as to what was happening. Queen Mary I’s brother Edward and half-brother Henry Fitzroy may have died of suppurating tumors of the lung or that old standby, tuberculosis. Her sister Elizabeth we know had decaying teeth causing toothache and a bout of smallpox that nearly killed her. Elizabeth also used makeup with a high…

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