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Katerina Is A Loving Companion March 31, 2018

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IMG_1115  She has taken to sleeping on the floor beside me as I work at the computer.  It’s nice.  It actually probably means she isn’t hungry – for a while.


Grey Linen Barbro washcloth March 30, 2018

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Project 1 (2017):  Grey Linen Barbro washcloth
Pattern: Disktrasan Barbro  (in Swedish)
Yarn: Drops Bomull-Lin, 50% cotton, 47% linen 50gr = 85 metres.
Yarn purchased: online in Italy
Colours: grey, 20
Difficulty for me: easy (I thought…until I messed up)
Needles: circular needles size 5 mm
Stitches: 49
Knitted where: at home in Accra
Final size: 24x30cm
Final weight: 50 grammes

It was my first time knitting with Drops Bomull-Lin, a cotton-linen mix. I only knitted five rows of dots, as the yarn was running out. All was going well until I was knitting the last last rows before the border, when I managed to reverse directions. Despite that, it will do nicely as a washcloth!

Notes: next time, smaller needles, I think, as it was a bit loose. Here it is, not yet blocked.


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The Bee Was Trapped March 28, 2018

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IMG_1080  The bee caught in the screen window – poor bee


Robin Watch

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I spent a long time yesterday watching a robin eating berries from a bush in my neighbor’s garden.  This viewing was from the window in my study.  The robin was finally disturbed by the appearance of a Northern Flicker and off she flew.  But a couple of hours later I viewed a very similar or the same fat robin eating more berries.  This view was from my kitchen window.  What a joy.

IMG_5463            IMG_5470

in both pictures the robin is approximately in the center – easy to spot with a magnifying glass – the robin’s back is turned in the second photo

that robin ate so many berries!



Color of the Season March 27, 2018

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29064432_10160301537170512_6046164794444599142_o  The color is YELLOW.  Photo taken of daffodils in the Skagit Valley – by Steviep Photography


13th Great Grandparents March 25, 2018

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70456a56-6727-49cf-b410-d651ccafdec6 St Mary’s Church, Taunton, Somerset, England where my 13th Great Grandparents Sir Roger Hill and Lady Margaret Toose are buried.  They lived in the first half of the 16th century.


Guest Post – The World in 1940 by GP Cox

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"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

On November 16, 2012, I received an email from WordPress.com telling me that gpcox had liked several of my posts and suggested that I check out their Blog, pacificparatrooper.wordpress.com, which I did. I read about the 11th Airborne Division and their war in the Pacific. I also enjoyed reading, with humor, a letter from Smitty to his Mom describing a recipe for “Jungle Juice”. The similarities between our posts was not lost on me and I sent a comment to gpcox. Since we had both started Blogging in September of that year, I thought we might be able to connect and give each other encouragement and advice.

As we emailed back and forth I learned that there were more similarities than I had imagined. Our fathers were born in the same year and drafted within months of each other. There were also sharp contrasts between our…

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Castles of Scotland March 24, 2018

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c02Drumlanrig Castle  Drumlanrig Castle

6a9dfb47-483c-4117-8cf3-97f35501defd  Borthwick Castle



Another Jigsaw – A Painting By L. S. Lowry March 23, 2018

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IMG_5450  1000 pieces – it’s getting harder – now I have to do white areas and put bits of busy people together


IMG_5449  Katerina doesn’t really fit in the puzzle box


The Voyages Of Captain Cook March 22, 2018

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IMG_5447  a hasty picture but this is the book – fascinating reading if you are interested in this sort of thing.  I’ve been fascinated from an early age. Now I’m going to go back and review some of the other books I’ve read – exploration, the South Pacific, Whaling, Armstrong Sperry – just a few names and topics that spring to mind.