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Man With A Black Beard March 19, 2018

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2017_07_08_12_14_52.pdf000  Does anyone recognize this man?  This is my husband Ian post chicken pox.  In Fiji, 1974



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2017_08_16_09_59_21.pdf021  I love this photo of a woman in Kathmandu Nepal   It was taken in 1983 when our family visited Kathmandu.  We stayed at Dwarika’s, an interesting hotel, a former elaborate residence.  Dwarika’s at that time had several Afghan Hounds, magnificent dogs.  We rented bicycles and biked to the carpet shop.  David, 11 years old at that time, said he was’t feeling well and promptly fainted on the threshold of the shop.  This very kind woman took us in and lead us upstairs in her home so David could lie down.  I can’t remember the details of his recovery but he did and we also bought a beautiful grey carpet from her shop.  We still have the carpet – they wear forever!


I Loved My Dog

2017_07_11_14_07_10.pdf025  photo from 1949, approx    Belmont Mass


The Story Behind…..

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Follow my tapestry weaving friend.


Snake attack… [1]

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A Bushsnob in Africa

There are two important venomous snakes in the Gallinato area of Salta where our small farm is located: the Cascabel (South American rattlesnake, Crotalus durissus) and the Yarará (crossed pit viper, Bothrops diporus) [2]. The former’s venom is neurotoxic while the latter’s can cause severe tissue damage although, contrary to general belief, it is not often a cause of death. (See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bothrops_alternatus).

Enoc, a boy of eight was returning from school after lunchtime with his brother Angel and his father Juliano, our caretaker. When fording a small river, the boy either stepped on or near a snake of about 120 cm. The snake reacted angrily and bit him. “I saw the snake going for him and heard him shouting that he had been bitten” Juliano told me later, and then he added “I hit it with a couple of stones but it hid under some large stones. I left…

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