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The Story Behind….. March 19, 2018

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Follow my tapestry weaving friend.

Louise Boughton

This week I have found myself, in one way or another, discussing the process behind my work.  In class, a couple of students were wondering what the process of tapestry weaving entailed and were curious about how I arrived at such abstract compositions in my work.

For the ‘March Meet The Maker Challenge’, one of the prompts was ‘Inspiration’ and again, I was posting images which linked to the various things that catch my eye and how they eventually evolve into final textile pieces.

Just yesterday, I was submitting my ‘Intention To Partake’ form for an upcoming weaving exhibition and found myself writing a proposal detailing the story behind the work (which has yet to be completed…..). This all comes at a time when I am currently working out ideas for new work and have various notebooks on the go.  I am constantly juggling ideas at the moment and am…

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