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Grey Linen Barbro washcloth March 30, 2018

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Project 1 (2017):  Grey Linen Barbro washcloth
Pattern: Disktrasan Barbro  (in Swedish)
Yarn: Drops Bomull-Lin, 50% cotton, 47% linen 50gr = 85 metres.
Yarn purchased: online in Italy
Colours: grey, 20
Difficulty for me: easy (I thought…until I messed up)
Needles: circular needles size 5 mm
Stitches: 49
Knitted where: at home in Accra
Final size: 24x30cm
Final weight: 50 grammes

It was my first time knitting with Drops Bomull-Lin, a cotton-linen mix. I only knitted five rows of dots, as the yarn was running out. All was going well until I was knitting the last last rows before the border, when I managed to reverse directions. Despite that, it will do nicely as a washcloth!

Notes: next time, smaller needles, I think, as it was a bit loose. Here it is, not yet blocked.


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